Mission Focus 2020

Outreach missions testimonials


Missions Trip

A few years ago I needed to make some extra money so I could pay off my debts and go on a Mission Trip to El Salvador. I had no idea how God was going to pull it off but at the same time I trusted him. That's when Tim came up to me at church and offered me a job at his moving company. Looking at it as an answered prayer I accepted and helped Tim on several different moves. Tim has a really chill personality and also a heart for the people that work for him. I never felt like a random employee who was going to work. Overall I enjoyed my time working for him and with his help I made enough to get out of debt and help save some souls in Jamaica!  - Name?

Appreciation for Mission Trip Donation

Tim and Open Door Movers are very special to me. I have not actually needed their moving services specifically, but have been on the receiving end of a monetary donation for a medical missions trip to El Salvador and Ecuador. Our team was able to purchase a much-needed testing machine that could offer a lot of info regarding certain symptoms that patients presented with. We also were able to test individuals that may not have had specific symptoms that required testing, but did not have the money or resources to be able to go to the doctor, hospital, lab, etc. We have been able to use this device in both countries. Tim, with open door movers, has also participated in our dinner fundraisers at our church to help support me to raise the funds needed to be able to even have the opportunity to serve on a medical missions trip to El Salvador and Ecuador. On these trips, we were able to help meet the physical needs as well as offer care to meet their spiritual needs. We were able to share God’s love with them and offer them hope through finding a personal relationship and forgiveness through Jesus. A hope that only he can offer. Forgiveness for all of our sins as the result of his loving sacrifice on the cross to pay our debts. We were able to share the love of Christ with and towards all people we met while there. They were experiences that I will never take for granted our forget. Because of the kindness shown by Tim and his business Open door movers, I was able to be a part of and provide small help to people without. Although the medical aspect was a small component, the best part was able to share Christ with and or pray with the beautiful people of El Salvador and Ecuador so they would know where they could spend their eternity with our glorious creator in heaven forever! The Bible tells us to help and show kindness to those in need. Whether that need be financial, prayers, kindness, a hug, etc. Thank you Tim and Open Door movers for your love and generosity! -Anna

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